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The gas station “Zamanakos Fuels” was founded in 1960 by Nikolaos Zamanakos and since 2002, it operates under a new management, under the name ΄΄Th. Zamanakos & Co. GP΄΄

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The new unleaded Best Value 95 contains special latest generation additives, which offer significant fuel economy. It keeps new engines clean and effectively removes sediments from overloaded engines


Maximum performance with up to 4 extra ketones. State-of-the-art technology for engine protection. Significant savings of up to 4% in fuel consumption all this and even more is offered by ACTION Diesel


The Best Value Diesel is a technologically advanced fuel using a specialized blend of additives that imparts important properties to diesel


With AVIN heating oil, in addition to warmth, you also ensure privileges:
– Earn 0.5 points per liter on your AVIN card
– Immediate delivery to your door with a phone call
– Guaranteed quality and quantity with the AVIN guarantee
– Reliable delivery


Very high-performance lubricant for trucks or passenger cars with or without turbo, operating under the harshest conditions. It is suitable for particularly long oil change intervals. It is prepared and packaged in Greece, from primary mineral oils and additives of the latest technology, with the approval of the State Chemist.


Avin Card
With the Avin Card, you define the products and services that each vehicle of your fleet buys. You can make any combination you want between the products and services provided by the gas station.
Avin Kerdizo
With Avin Kerdizo the value of your purchases on fuel is converted into points and redeemed into gift vouchers. Find the Avin Kerdizo card at our gas station to start the reward program yourself.
Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control of Fuel Pumps: Samples are taken from all pump nozzles of each service station and quality control is performed on each product. The elements that are checked are: specific gravity, appearance, color, and clarity also with the help of the “Oct-Meter” Mid-IR. Indications are taken for the octane number as well as the detection of other chemicals, in order to ensure you excellent quality fuels performance in your car.
  • Quantitative Control of Fuel Pumps: The quantity received by the consumer is important to be correct in each refueling. Our technicians check the pumps with accredited 20-liter measuring containers and confirm that the pumps deliver the right quantity, in each supply. In parallel with the control of pumps, the good operation of the gas meters of the gas stations is checked, so that the staff can properly measure the pumps of the gas station, on a daily basis.
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